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At our brand new location in Charlotte, NC, Diversified Decorative Finishes offers a wide variety of high-end decorative concrete applications.

We began decorative concrete installations in 2002, making years of hands-on experience available to clients. Throughout the years, our personal research and development has led us to create our own proprietary techniques that are in use to this day. The New York City area has been our primary clientele which has required a precise eye for detail and longevity of our products, to stand the test of time.

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Dominick Cardone, the president of Diversified Decorative Finishes, has been installing concrete for nearly 40 years. He started out with his father, who was a concrete flat worker in the New York City area. Dominick’s work stretches out from New York City to Las Vegas, including overseas locations in Beirut, Lebanon and Sweden.

He has worked with clientele such as Giorgio Armani, Reem Acra, Calvin Klein, and Vera Wang just to name a few. He has also been featured in various publications such as; Concrete Decor Magazine, Concrete Construction Magazine, Architectural Digest, and many more.

Dominick has sat on the board with The Decorative Concrete Counsel and is certified by The American Society of Concrete Contractors. He continues to provide training and consultation to new and existing contractors in the decorative concrete industry.

Dominick Cardone

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Dominick Cardone has been in the concrete industry for over 40 years. He started out working with his dad a concrete flat worker as a young boy in the 70s. He became a proficient finisher at the age of 15 to later start his own company at the age of 19 years old. From there, when gray concrete became very competitive, Dominick shifted his client base to interior and exterior renovations.

He later found himself and his crew working with some pretty popular designers to produce their beautiful showrooms, restaurants, retail spaces and residences. In the late 90s, while on a residential project in Tribeca, NYC, Dominick offered his client Concrete countertops in lieu of the Jerusalem limestone countertops that were originally requested. The offer was if the client didn’t like them, then he would swap them out at no additional charge to what was originally requested. The tops were a success, all 135sq ft. And so it began…

In 2002, he converted his company to become a NYC based Decorative Concrete company. He traveled all over the country to take classes on different topics like Concrete pattern stamping, concrete staining, concrete overlays and much more. He found himself working along side some of the best artisans in the industry.

But Dominick was destined to find his own style and way of doing things. This was a grueling task of his own R&D and trial and error. There were many failures along the way, but he had to see how far he could stretch the envelope in an industry that was not standardized.

Not long after, he became a Certified Flat worker by The American Concrete Institute., and also sat on the board with the Decorative Concrete Counsel.

He also hosted many “Lunch and Learn” Powerpoint presentations for multiple NYC Architects and Designers, where they were also able to receive their mandatory continued education points through the AIA. These sessions were used to help create a market and to get on the job specs.

Dominick has been training new and existing concrete contractors since 2004. He has taught all aspects of decorative concrete applications around the country including doing demos for the DCC and at The World of Concrete convention in Las Vegas.

While he still enjoys installing, Dominick has expanded the training and consultation aspect of the business at his new facility in Monroe, NC ( just outside the city of Charlotte).

He has created a perfect training environment to share the knowledge he has acquired over so many years of experience.

During his classes you will learn how to:
– sell your projects
– make representative job samples
– price your job
– how to determine suitable substrate conditions
– stage your install and onsite requirements
– installation techniques
– troubleshooting
– finishing
– repairs and maintenance of your finished project

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