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We began decorative concrete installations in 2002, making years of hands-on experience available to clients. Throughout the years, our personal research and development has led us to create our own proprietary techniques that are in use to this day. In the past, the New York City area has been our primary clientele which has required a precise eye for detail and longevity of our products, to stand the test of time.

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We install epoxy floor coatings in the Monroe & Charlotte, NC area

Are you searching for a way to revamp the appearance of your concrete floors? Diversified Decorative Finishes Inc. can help with our epoxy floor coatings. Our epoxy coatings are extremely versatile and come in a variety of different styles.

Getting an epoxy coating is also great for protecting your floors from wear and tear. Epoxy coats make your concrete floors water-resistant, chemical-resistant and act as an extra barrier from erosion.

You can now say goodbye to your dirty, dusty, unattractive concrete flooring. Epoxy flooring is aesthetically pleasing and highly resistant to many potential hazards, including chemicals, foot traffic, and more. We have many high-performance epoxy coatings suitable for practically any application. Whether for decoration or industry, we have a high-performance, durable finish that will do the job. An epoxy is an excellent option if you need a flooring material that can endure heavy foot traffic and moisture.

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We can add epoxy coatings to a wide variety of residential and commercial concrete floors and surfaces, including:

Showroom floors
Garage floors
Patio floors
Basement floors
Retail Spaces

We offer a diverse selection of epoxy floor coating designs to suit your aesthetic preferences. Our mission is to provide every client with first-rate service. That’s why you can count on our skilled staff at your facility. Our epoxy floor coating experts can supply you with the most affordable service regardless of flooring for residential or business space.

Ready to give your floors a fresh new look? Partner with our team to get an epoxy coating fit for your needs.

Epoxy Floor Coatings - The Ideal Concrete Flooring Solution

Epoxy flooring is one of the most adaptable floor coatings available and is used in various settings, from industry and commercial to the home. Epoxy has a long lifespan with minimal upkeep and provides excellent durability in various color options. Therefore, if your flooring looks old and worn, contact us. Investing in an epoxy floor coating for your property is an excellent idea since it will make your floors look great and protect them from wear and tear for a long time to come. When it comes to epoxy floor coating, we are the best option since we don’t use cheap paints to cover up imperfections; instead, we utilize high-quality epoxy hardeners to make floors look wonderful in homes and businesses alike. The concrete floors in your home could look much better if we could work our magic on them. We can give your floors an outstanding shine that will last a long time. Using our epoxy floor painting service, you may add a stunning pattern to your concrete floor.

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Commercial and industrial flooring needs to be durable, easy to clean, and safe for employees to walk on. When providing a smooth, polished appearance that is also durable and safe, epoxy floor coatings stand out as the clear winner. Diversified Decorative Finishes Inc. is a reputable construction company with a solid track record. A durable resin floor coating, such as epoxy resin, can be applied to your floor to make it endure longer, and we can do it quickly and at affordable price. Our devoted and expert staff will easily oversee your flooring project, ensuring that it impacts your business’s day-to-day operations as little as possible. So, call Diversified Decorative Finishes Inc. if you need a contractor for epoxy floor coating services because of their extensive expertise in the field, exceptional customer care, and high-quality offerings. Our dedication to our customers is something we take great pride in. 

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