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We began decorative concrete installations in 2002, making years of hands-on experience available to clients. Throughout the years, our personal research and development has led us to create our own proprietary techniques that are in use to this day. In the past, the New York City area has been our primary clientele which has required a precise eye for detail and longevity of our products, to stand the test of time.

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One of the best features of concrete flooring is how long-lasting it is – but that doesn’t mean it’s invincible. Over time, your floors can wear down, ruining their look and hurting the overall appearance of your home or business.

Diversified Decorative Finishes could let alone existing concrete floor, apply micro-topping finishes over wall, tiles and wood surfaces.

Diversified Decorative Finishes Inc. can breathe new life into your old concrete with a concrete micro-topping service in the Monroe & Charlotte, NC area. Our micro-topping process is fast, highly customizable and doesn’t require any demolition. Whether you want to cover up cracks or add a new texture pattern, we’ve got you covered.

Diversified Decorative Finishes Inc. specializes in refinishing concrete and wood floors to make them look new. We provide concrete micro-topping services to revitalize older concrete slabs in Monroe and Charlotte, NC. Our method of micro-topping is quick, flexible, and does not involve demolition. We have what you need to hide flaws and experiment with different textures.

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Advantages of a micro-topping

Choosing to get a micro-topping service over replacing your floors comes with some distinctive benefits. After a micro-topping, your floors will be:

– Fully waterproof
– Resistant to bacteria
– Much more visually appealing
– Easier to clean and maintain
– Micro-topping improves concrete floor durability. Micro-topping can strengthen and preserve aged floors.
– Easy-to-clean flooring. You only need a sponge or mop, diluted soap solution, and household cleaning supplies to get started.
– Micro topping is versatile and suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. It’s adaptable and uses a thin concrete layer to cover and decorate the floor.

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Concrete Micro Topping Throughout Monroe & Charlotte, Nc

Concrete micro topping is an overlay technique that can improve the look and feel of your concrete surface. Microtopping is a cement-based resurfacing substance used to renew the top layer of concrete on preexisting slabs. Concrete micro-topping can be used in any setting, indoors or out, for both residential and commercial purposes. Choose concrete micro topping for its long-lasting finish if you want a floor that outlasts carpet, tile, vinyl, hardwood, or any other material. So, if you are looking for Concrete Micro Topping contractors throughout Monroe & Charlotte, Nc, then contact Diversified Decorative Finishes Inc. To help you choose the appropriate finish for your house or company, Diversified Decorative Finishes, Inc. provides a wide selection of micro-topping materials. We offer a wide range of hues and textures to suit your needs. Our Micro-topping service makes it simple to add unique patterns to your flooring. Whatever style you go with, our micro-topping solution will last for years. So, let’s make sure you’re interested in something.

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Diversified Decorative Finishes, Inc. offers the most qualified staff and cutting-edge technology in the flooring industry. Because of our extensive experience, we provide a customized solution to every client. We strive to provide our clients with the most aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound flooring options. Many new and repeat customers come to us for a wide range of services. Our staff has the most up-to-date knowledge in the industry, so you’ll get the best service and flooring you want. So, if you’re ready to receive the floor of your dreams, give us a call. Our floor installers can handle the project of all sizes. To guarantee the highest quality for our customers, we use cutting-edge technology and custom-built tools in every project. Feel free to call us anytime if you have any inquiries or want to talk with an expert.

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